Husband Ka Vashikaran Kaise kare

Husband Ko Kabu me Karne ka Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi

Did your husband ignores you, doesn’t listen you patiently because somewhere love is faded in your relationship? You feel may be third person comes in their life, so that he may lost interest in you, so this is the major concerns of conflict between you and them. If this happens in your life than you can consult our astrologer and get best Vashikaran remedies and by adopting this approach you can make your life intact. In this video we will tell you some major remedies by which you can acquire love of your husband back.

Husband Ko Kabu me Karne ka Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi

Husband Ko Kabu me Karne ka Vashikaran Mantra

You must have seen or heard that in many families, husband of women forsake his wife due to some other women and lives with that and kept relation. He doesn’t listen his wife often beats him and going to a wrong path, consume alcohol, involve in gambling, doesn’t uphold household responsibilities effectively, lives outside house from late night, speak lie to his wife and beyond control of anyone. This all behavior is a part of society because you get all sorts of peoples of such mentality in our society. What to do or not if such a situation arises, what to say or whom to say in that cases wife often engrossed, so here we have best astrologers team to suggest you best Vashikaran remedies to remove your confusions. Here Our astrologer will give you a best Vashikaran solutions for all kind of issues. If you have face problem related to your husband harsh behavior and looking an effective solution to save your marriage life from broken or filing divorce cases. He is a renowned specialist have lot of skills in occult science, yagya, traditional practices, horoscope analysis, palmistry efficiently deals with several branches of astrology with ease. You can also contact us and get complete details of our online astrological services by visiting at our website.

Here we are suggesting you some Homely remedies to control your husband:

  1. You can wait for a Friday in a week and in that day worship lord Krishna. Then in night when your husband go to sleep then touch 3 cardamom to your body and kept near them. Next day wake up at early morning, put these cardamom while making tea or food than grind them and mixed them along with food and continually do this procedure for 3 to 4 weeks and you will perceive an instant effect in your marital life.
  2. To increase attraction powers of your husband towards yourself at Sunday of Shukla Paksha take 5 cloves and put these cloves in that place where often sweat comes than keep them dry by putting them in front of sunlight then after that grind the mixture and make powder. Give that powder mix along with tea, meal any other diet to your husband to eat gradually your husband begins to attract towards you.
  3. In astrology seventh house is considered as place of marriage and supposition of marital bliss can be known prom their position of planets. Person whose horoscope Rahu is placed in this house likely a marital difficulties may come in his marital life. Such person have to floe coconut or almond for 40 days in a running water. By doing this measure there should be a love and harmony maintain in their relationship.

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